What Are The Grammys?

gramaphoneWhen we are unified in a cause it seems the music gets louder. After World War II people never wanted the music to stop. We had a lot to be grateful for, and one of our innate expressions of gratitude is demonstrated through music. As a nation we were inspired to express our freedom through song like never before.

By the fifties the lid was off the box and music moved into the realm of the physical. No longer was a single artists simply sitting on a stool or standing in front of a stationary mic – we couldn’t hold still. Of course we had great artists before the War, but we blossomed in our musical expression with the sense of pride, strength and courage we had acquired as a country having gone through hell and back. We produced some legendary artists. This period of time led seamlessly to the necessity of acknowledging some of the greats who ushered in a new era of America. The Grammys were born. On May 4th 1959 limousines pulled up to the Beverly Hilton.