About Music For Songwriters

Music For Song WritersThere is so much talent in the world. No longer regulated strictly to jumping through physical hoops by getting an audition tape into the hands of the “right” person, artists can debut through social media, widely broadcast talent shows, and the world-wide web.

The music industry has staff that combs through Youtube and Vine all day, everyday. If a composer or songwriter with genuine talent, and that rare gift of uniqueness wants to be found, someone in the music industry will take notice.

Even though the path to stage or label is available like never before, it is actually more crowded than ever before. Within Music For Songwriters’ blog posts we introduce you to music makers of every variety, from behind the scenes to center stage. Their stories, and the history of some of the greats, and of the lyricists behind the greats. Every venue, from the garage band and neighborhood clubs to the big stage, offers us so many inspirational tales of success. From the street entertainer to the graduate of Julliard, this creativity and boundless amount of genius deserves to be celebrated, and that’s what we’re about at Music For Songwriters.

Music For Songwriters keeps you tuned in as we recognize the stories of the men and women who bring song into our lives. So come with us and enjoy learning more about the journeys behind the talent we listen to everyday. Gain insights to the backgrounds and muses that inspired artists who make the trip from obscurity to the top of the charts. We live in a more relatable place, where we feel better understood, appreciated, loved and happier because of their contributions.

Thank you for joining us and we look forward to getting your comments and feedback. If you have a story, a song or any bit of music news that you think our readers would like to hear, please feel free to share it with us.